Demonym: Kuriotates
Location: Upper reach
Size: Large
Capital: Kwythellar
Themesong: The Quest Begins

Characteristics: Kyria is a melting pot. It was originally a penal colony, placed on a large island with particularly rich veins of minerals, and over time a kind of patchwork society developed there among the various people and races. After the Dawn War, most of the island’s inhabitants had lived there for over a decade and forged their own families with the locals (or had no other family to return to), and so Kyria was born.

The Kuriotates are a cosmopolitan lot. It is not unusual to see two adni in a cafe eating with a kurai and a remne, or People of the Earth working alongside People of the Sea. Wolf-blooded and even dhampiri suffer little prejudice in Kyria, and its population has swelled over the years as they welcome ever-greater numbers of those who feel unwelcome elsewhere in the Summer Empire.

The greatest draw, however, is the dragon. Twenty-seven years ago, Onayephaeton the Golden awoke from his lair in Mount Paspiae and took wing over Kwythellar for the first time in centuries. Contrary to the Kuriotates’ worries, and to the records from his last appearance, he had no hostile intentions, and the Kuriotate Senate met with him for 15 hours before declaring that Onayephaeton was henceforth a Kuriotate with all the rights and privileges thereof. There are even rumors that he is planning to run for office in the next election.


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