Thaumaturgy consists of 7 separate traditions, with one extra tradition that is unplayable.

Using Arcana
Most arcana require the user to take Bashing Damage. This represents the fatigue that channeling arcane power manifests. If you want, you may substitute a point of Willpower for taking one level of Bashing Damage when you activate an arcanum. You may not make this exchange in reverse. Unless otherwise specified or obviously impossible, all arcana are normally single-target, but may be extended to multiple targets by taking a -1 penalty to the roll per target past the first.

Thaumaturgy is quite draining to use, and arcana can be difficult to maintain. There are three possible states for concentration. Powers that require no concentration have no special rules to use or maintain. Powers that do require concentration become progressively more difficult to use the more are currently maintained. For every arcanum a thaumaturge is maintaining through concentration, a -1 penalty is applied to activating other arcana.

For example, of a thaumaturge is concentrating on Battle Dance and Beast Link and wishes
to activate Beast Speech, the roll receives a -2 penalty. If the roll succeeds, there is no further problem. If the roll fails, however, the thaumaturge takes Bashing Damage equal to the number of arcana currently being maintained and all active arcana end. In addition, for every two arcana a thaumaturge is maintaining, they receive a -1 penalty to all actions (this does not stack with the penalty for arcana) except rolling Resistance traits. Total concentration means that arcanum must be the only one that the thaumaturge is currently using, and furthermore, they cannot take any other action but casting or maintaining the arcanum. They lose their Defense as well against any attacks



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