Languages of the Summer Empire

Spoken in: Alfheim, Svartheimr
Note: “Alfarsprekke” is only barely not two languages. The two dialects are mutually intelligible, but only with difficulty and typically only when speaking slowly and on simple subjects.

Spoken in: Calas
Note: Calat is descended from Classical Patrian the same way Patrian is. They are similar, but mutually unintelligible except for basic concepts

Classical Patrian
Spoken in: Universities and by the learned
Note: Classical Patrian was the main language of the First Empire. It survives as a scholarly language and is frequently used in thaumaturgical rituals.

The Dragon’s Tongue
Spoken in: The Umbra
Note: The Dragon’s Tongue is, as the name suggests, the native language of dragons, and also of spirits. It is incredibly difficult to learn—use the nWoD core rules for the Language merit for it, not the errataed rules. Mortals cannot lie when speaking the Dragon’s Tongue, but spirits and dragons can.

Spoken in: Hippia

Spoken in: Illos

Spoken in: Khazak

Spoken in: Kyria
Note: Kyrian is a creole of Hippian, Patrian, Lyran, Khazdul and Alfarsprekke with a few words from other languages thrown in. Anyone who speaks one of those might be able to understand the gist of a Kyrian sentence. Anyone who speaks two or more has a better chance, but they still can’t make themselves understood without speaking it themselves.

Spoken in: Bannor, Malak
Note: The two dialects are different mostly in pronunciation, not vocabulary.

Spoken in: Assiah
Note: Mercurian is completely unrelated to any other language in the Summer Empire. The Assi’im claim it is the language of their ancestors, but this claim is not widely believed.

Spoken in: Amura, Beriah, Lanun, Patria, Sidar
Note: Patrian is the Summer Empire’s lingua franca. The Sidar dialect is greatly changed by their relative isolation, and can be difficult to understand. Other nations have their own dialects, but all are mutually intelligible.

Spoken in: Sheol

Spoken in: Thalassa
Notes: Thalassika is a sign language designed to be spoken underwater.

Languages of the Summer Empire

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