Demonym: Sheaim
Location: Lower reach
Size: Small
Capital: Galveholm
Themesong: Well of Souls

Characteristics: Sheol has a dark reputation in the Summer Empire. Three plagues have swept it since the Dawn War, and one entire island, containing nearly a quarter of its land mass and a third of its population, was recently blockaded by the Sheaim navy. No one has gotten in or out in almost ten years.

The Sheaim are a taciturn lot, little given to trusting or speaking with strangers. The predations of the remaining Nobility have made them insular and paranoid, and the darkness of the lower reach does nothing to help their disposition. If Sheol weren’t a valuable supplier of water, few would trade with them at all.

Their other primary export is food. Sheaim mushroom beer and aurochs meat fetch a high price in the upper reach, and coupled with the water trade it is enough to keep them relatively rich. Despite that, few Sheaim leave their country other than the traders, and those typically keep to themselves on board their airships. The suspicious think they’re hiding something, but the practical point out that living in the lower reach would be enough to ruin anyone’s disposition. Unless the Sheaim themselves answer the question, there is unlikely to be one any time soon.


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