Demonym: Patrians
Location: Mid-reach
Size: Large
Capital: The Capital
Themesong: Blood of the Dragon

Characteristics: The center of the Nations of the Night, and of the First Empire before it, Patria is the most densely-populated part of the Summer Empire, and the Capital is the largest city in the world. At least, the known world. With all this, the Patrians can perhaps be
forgiven for their unofficial name for their capital—the First City.

Patria is centrally located, and while the city suffered some damage in the Dawn War, it has since been repaired. It’s where the different nations that comprise the Summer Empire meet to resolve their differences and where many children dream to live. As such, it’s
perhaps the only place that’s more cosmopolitan than Kyria, though without the latter’s fervent devotion to maintaining a harmonious society for all. Patrians know that they are the most ancient, most cultured, and most important citizens of the Empire, and they take every
opportunity to remind others of that fact.

The Capital itself is Patria’s greatest resource, both for the talent it draws from the rest of the Empire and for its history. The Capital benefits from the greatest technological and thaumaturgical advances in the Empire, and has a legacy of its own. There are still Noble residences that are sealed off even 60 years later because it is unsafe to enter them—or in some cases, even approach them—and beneath the streets is another layer of buildings from an older era. Recent excavations have revealed another layer of buildings
below that, making the rest of the Empire think that maybe there is something to the Patrian’s claims of being the “First City.”


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