Demonym: Lanun
Location: Mid-reach
Size: Medium
Capital: Innsmouth
Themesong: The Gallows Jig

Characteristics: The Lanun invented the airship, and only a single look at their nation tells why. Some sort of Noble weapon shattered the main Lanun island into a dozen or more smaller ones, most of which were not self-sufficient, but airship trade now binds the country together and provides most of the country’s wealth. In addition to the trade goods themselves, the Lanun do a brisk business in technicians and parts for the rest of the Summer Empire.

The dark side, of course, is piracy. A disturbing number of pirates have well-crafted ships that seem fresh off the docks and the Lanun suffer a disproportionately low rate considering the amount of trade they conduct. The Lanun government denies any charges, but neutral observers look at the evidence and wonder.

Lanun society is strictly ordered based on wealth. Only those who own property may vote, and only those who meet minimum standards for income and property value may stand for election. Other nations see these laws as dangerously close to forming an aristocracy, but the Lanun counter that they’re simply making sure that those who have the most investment in their society have the most say in how it is run.

Launun Sea Shanties


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