Lamia Template
Lamiae take the vital essence and force of will from their victims, taking it for their own benefit. Most lamia are born with their gifts. Some develop the ability through ancient rituals, curses, strange relics, or other oddness.

Template Features
Lamiae receive their signature Merit, Psychic Vampirism, with a single dot for free. If her vampirism is tied to a relic or something that can be taken away from her, gain an additional dot in any of the below Merits for free.
Lamia abilities steal and utilize “Ruach”, a sort of psychic fuel. Her dots in Psychic Vampirism determines how efficiently she can take and use this Ruach. She cannot store more Ruach than her Resolve dots; additional Ruach must be used the turn it’s acquired, for one of the things she is able. The Ruach Battery Merit can increase this amount.
All Lamiae can spend a number of Ruach equal to their current age to not age for one year. For example, a thirty-three year old lamia can spend thirty three Ruach to not show the signs of age for a year. This counts her full age, not her apparent age. If she does not continue the unaging effect, she continues aging as normal once the year is up. Theoretically, this could result in eternal youth. These points do not have to be spent all at once.
Note on Supernatural Victims
By and large, Psychic Vampirism works on most things. However, a lamia cannot steal the life energy of a Noble, though she can steal Willpower. Lamiae cannot steal the life of ghosts or spirits, unless they have the Soul Eater Merit. Using psychic vampirism on supernatural creatures is slightly tougher; subtract their supernatural potency trait (Blood Potency, Gnosis, Primal Urge, et cetera) from the roll to activate the power.

Psychic Vampirism (• to •••••, Style, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Mortal (not ghoul)
Effect: To use Psychic Vampirism, the lamia must touch a victim, skin-to-skin. The Breath Stealer Merit alters this. Any use of Psychic Vampirism is an instant action, so it cannot be combined with other instant actions such as physical attacks. However, she can use it as a grappling maneuver.
Use of Psychic Vampirism abilities requires a roll of Intelligence + Occult + Psychic Vampirism – the victim’s Resolve dots. Successes determine the level of effect. She can combine effects and divide her successes between health levels of damage and Willpower.
•: With this basic level, your character can cause bashing damage. She causes one bashing damage per success on her roll. Every two points of bashing damage gives her one Ruach. She can use one Ruach to heal a level of bashing damage, or two Ruach to heal one lethal damage.
••: With this level, she can steal psychic energy from her victim. For every two successes, she steals one Willpower from her victim and converts it into one Ruach. For two Ruach, she can regain one spent Willpower point.
•••: Now, her ability to harm is intensified. Every success causes two bashing damage or one lethal damage, and gives her one Ruach. She can heal two bashing or one lethal with a point of Ruach.
••••: Her psychic draining improves. Now, every success drains a point of Willpower from her victims and gives her one Ruach.
•••••: With this pinnacle of psychic vampirism, the character’s ability to steal life becomes utterly fearsome. Every success causes BOTH one lethal damage and one Willpower loss if she wishes, and gives her two Ruach.

Breath Stealer (• to •••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The Lamia may steal breath instead of touching a victim. Each level in this Merit modifies the distance from which she can activate Psychic Vampire abilities.
•: Your character must be very close to steal breath. Her mouth must be close to her victim’s, within less than a foot.
••: The range extends. If she could touch her victim with an outstretched arm, she can steal breath.
•••: At the pinnacle of ability, she can steal breath from a number of meters equal to her Willpower dots. But to do so, she must spend a point of Willpower in addition to any other costs for Psychic Vampirism abilities.

Euphoric Touch (• to •••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The Lamia’s touch numbs or creates euphoria when she uses her gifts. Any time she touches a victim and activates Psychic Vampirism, she may choose to activate Euphoric Touch. Her dots in Euphoric Touch determine her choices; she may administer any or all of her Euphoric Touch abilities at once.
Numbing Touch (•): At this level, the character’s touch numbs. Victims of her Psychic Vampirism suffer no wound penalties for the scene. Additionally, any rolls to detect by touch including detecting your character’s vampirism suffer a -5 penalty.
Sensual Touch (••): At this level, your character’s touch becomes euphoric. Victims of her Psychic Vampirism gain the Swooning Condition toward her.
Addicting Touch (•••): With this level, her touch is addicting. Victims gain the Addicted Condition in regards to her touch.

Illusion (••••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia can change the perceptions of a target, even to the extent of making full hallucinations that affect all five senses. After spending a point of Ruach and rolling Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. Wits + Composure, the illusion takes shape. It lasts for a scene, and each success affects one scene. If the illusion does something particularly unusal, the Storyteller may allow for another roll to resist.
Psychic Transference (••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia may not only heal herself with her abilities, but may transfer life energy from one person to another. Any use of Psychic Transference costs one Ruach and one Willpower in addition to any other costs; her soul acts as a conduit for vital essence. She must be touching both the victim, and the person she wishes to gift. When activating Psychic Vampirism with Psychic Transference, she may offer Willpower and health levels to the subject, instead of taking them for herself.

Ruach Battery (• to •••••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia may store more Ruach than most. For every dot in this Merit, she may store an additional point of Ruach.

Shapechanging (•••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia can spend Ruach to change into animal forms. Each purchase of Shapechanging allows for a different animal form. The character takes the shape of the animal and all its Physical Attributes. Other Attributes and Skills remain the character’s own, while some may be effectively useless (a bat can’t likely use Firearms, for example). As a general guideline, animal attacks cause 0 Lethal damage, or 1 Lethal damage for large natural weapons (like bear bites). Some especially massive natural weapons, like alligator bites, can cause 2 Lethal.

Soul Eater (••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia’s abilities extend beyond the physical, and the living. If she touches a ghost or spirit, she can use her Psychic Vampirism abilities on the creature. This requires the creature be manifest, or the lamia have another awareness with which to find and touch the victim.

Spirit Sight (••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia can see into Twilight with a successful Wits + Occult roll.

Swiftness (•••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia becomes preternaturally fast. By spending a point of Ruach, the lamia’s Speed is doubled for a scene and all Ranged attacks suffer a two die penalty.

Unearthly Beauty (• or ••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia can use her Ruach to assume an inhumanly beautiful appearance. By spending one Ruach, she may emulate the Striking Looks Merit at two dots (see The God-Machine Chronicle, p. 170). If she already has Striking Looks at one dot, she gains a second dot, and apply the 9-again quality to all rolls on which Striking Looks applies. If she has Striking Looks at two dots, apply 8-again instead. With the two-dot version of this Merit, the effect lasts for the full lunar month with each activation, if your character spends one additional Ruach.

Vampiric Potency (• to •••••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Psychic Vampirism
Effect: The lamia can channel her Ruach into inborn ability. When taking this Merit, choose a single Attribute. At any time, she can spend an Ruach to increase that Attribute by one dot for the scene, including all derived traits. She can do this to a limit of her Vampiric Potency Merit dots. This can take her above her normal dot limit (usually 5) for Attributes.
Notes: You may take this Merit multiple times, each representing a different Attribute. Using this Merit for Resolve allows for a greater temporary amount of stored Ruach.

War Form (•••••, Supernatural Merit)
Prerequisites: Shapechanging
Effect: The lamia refines her ability to change shape, becoming capable of merging human and animal forms into a hybrid monster form. By spending a point of Ruach, the lamia transforms into their war form for a scene. They use their normal Attributes, but may distribute three points to Physical Attributes and six points between Speed, Size, and Armor (costs three of those points). This distribution is set when War Form is bought and cannot thereafter be changed.


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