Demonym: Hippus
Location: Mid-reach
Size: Large
Capital: Altheriol-ta-Mealthiel
Themesong: Highland Storm

Characteristics: The Hippus are nomads, always following the herds of cattle and horse that make a yearly circuit of Hippia’s grassy plains. Under the rulership of the Nobility, their animals were pastured and they were forbidden to ride under pain of death, but enough of a tradition continued in secret that after the Dawn War they enthusiastically tore down the fences and paddocks that had broken the grassy sea and took up their old lifestyle again.

Hippia is famous for two things—the quality of its horses and the skill of their riders. Hippian horses are prized throughout the Summer Empire for their speed, stamina, and intelligence, and the Hippus are the most famous mercenaries in the Empire. In any border action or skirmish, you can find a group of Hippus and their famous horses. Frequently, there are groups on each side, which has led to problems when both sides hired mercenaries from the same clan.

There is one other thing Hippia is known for, though among a much more limited set of people. Like Malak, Hippia teems with spirits. Shamans and visionaries come from across the Summer Empire to commune with them. Or sometimes, to battle them. Malefic spirits are a particular problem in Hippia, and the Hippus will pay well for spirit hunters to deal with those that slip through the Uratha’s claws.


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