Demonym: Bannor
Location: Upper reach
Size: Medium
Capital: Torrolerial
Themesong: Unleashed

Characteristics: The Bannor began as outcasts, malcontents in the Nations of the Night who had traveled as high as they could to maximize the amount of sunlight possible. Worship of Lyral was common among the proto-Bannor, and after the Dawn War they were the first to outlaw the worship of Tyan and demand that his former worshippers convert or leave.
According to persistent rumor, some of those who chose to leave did so head-first off the side of the Bannor’s islands.

Since the war, the Bannor have continued their zealous efforts. Missionaries from the Bannor travel throughout the Summer Empire to minister to the faithful and convert others to Lyral’s banner. On the few times when missionaries from Calas encounter the Bannor, the situation invariably ends in bloodshed. Despite this, the Bannor are well-liked. Their standing army is among the best-trained in the Summer Empire, and they frequently provide military advisors to other nations. In addition, the Bannor are always on the front line against any incursion by the Nobility. The People of the Air are common among the Bannor, and the sight of their aerial knights, with burnished breastplates and gleaming white wings, is enough to cow even the most dedicated opponent.

The Order of the Unconquered Sun, a fanatical group of knights devoted to the utter destruction of the Nobility, is headquartered in Torrolerial.


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