Demonym: Ljosalfar
Location: Upper reach
Size: Small
Capital: Evermore
Themesong: Ebonshire

Characteristics: Alfheim was spared some of the horrors of Noble rule. The Nobility were content to prevent any of its inhabitants from leaving their forest and occasionally release their experiments into the wood or ride through it in hunting parties killing anyone they found. After the Dawn War, the Ljosalfar had a thousand years of practice of hiding in the forest and saw no reason to change their policies. Alfheim is gradually opening up to the rest of the Summer Empire, but the process is slow. Alfheim is large but sparsely populated.

Most of the Ljosalfar are People of the Wood who survive by hunting and gathering and live in small cities formed out of living wood by druids. The remainder are adni and a scattering of other races living on the edges of the forest. There is little national organization; in times
of need, and at least once a year regardless, the various town councils gather together to determine what laws should be passed or revoked, hear cases, and perform the functions of government.

While most of the country is self-sufficient and isolationist, trade does occur. The products of the forest—fruits, furs, wood, plants and animal parts with alchemical properties, and so on—find their way to the villages on the edge, and from there to the rest of the Summer Empire. Many citizens elsewhere will pay extraordinarily high prices for a coat of arkansonay fur or furniture made from a silverwood tree. This also fuels a small but persistent poaching industry, which continues no matter how brutally the Ljosalfar try to stamp it out.


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