Skinflint Merchant. Everything's Coming up Bartelby!


Just getting to old for this…

An older Merchant, Bartelby holds the title of Lanun Roving Undersecretary Dealer (Class III). Which as far as Bartelby is concerned means he can trade with who he like, when and where he please, so help him by the blackened body of God. Bartelby didn’t get to where he is in life by being fair and charitable, and he isn’t going to start now. Viewing every transaction as a chance to cheat or be cheated, Bartelby is always looking for the next big score.

When not thoroughly exasperating his crewmates by pretending that he can’t find the storeroom keys to keep expenses down or in his office aboard the ship counting the money in the safe, Bartelby can be found getting into arguments with Aurora about sacrifices, getting into arguments with Autumn about lying to Aurora, getting into arguments with Mara about refreshing medical supplies, or enjoying the fact that the highest cost he has to pay Petrichor is listening to his poetry.


Bartelby knew he had struck it big when he discovered the deed to a retired Phoenix-class ship just wasting around in dry dock. Much to his surprise, the ship was in exceedingly good condition. Unfortunately the ship’s totem Aurora had a history of occasionally nuking its crew when the crew displeased it, it took heavy damage, or it just decided to renew itself.

Little did he know that he wasn’t the only one interested in Aurora. A druid from Alfheim named Autumn Oak was also seeking the ship out, but for a decidely different purpose. After their first few arguments over appropriate treatment of Aurora, which would set the tone for their entire relationship, they agreed that the best thing for the ship was to get it out of dry dock and explore the floating islands of the the Summer Empire.

Adventures along the way involving a band of pirates, a galestorm, and several days marooned on a small floating rock outside of Sheol forced them to concede that a weathermancer was not optional.

Bartelby hired the conveniently orphaned and cheap Petrichor to keep the ship right side up. Finally bowing to the wisodm of Autumn, Bartelby agreed to hire a ship’s doctor as well, and enlisted the aid of the medical intern Mara who was looking for a ship to earn experience credit for her residency. More importantly for Bartelby, she was willing to work for free.


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